Serwer terminali Winflector - alternatywa dla aplikacji Zdalny Pulpit, Citrix XenApp

Application Programming Interface (API)

The Winflector software provides a simple interface for programmers (API), which allows to execute non-standard tasks without modifying the Winflector.

API on the application side is a gtrmapi.lib library and gtrmapi.dll (C/C++) which can be linked to the application by the user. The user gains access to enhanced functionalities such as the capability to:

  • Check the application environment parameters, e.g. if the application is executed in terminal mode, user name, authorization mode, IP address of the terminal station, Winflector software version etc.
  • Execute remote procedures from a dedicated DLL library attached to Winflector client (Remote Procedure Call). Procedures can be executed synchronously or asynchronously, can receive parameters and return results. RPC is used to delegate execution of some tasks directly to the client station. An example is the usage of a non-standard authorization method which requires that a code or program is executed on the client computer.
  • Transfer files from/to the client station.


API on the client side is a gteapi.lib library and gteapi.dll/.so (C/C++) which users can link to its DLL library extending client functions. Client API gives access to functions assisting in the preparation of the RPC procedures which will be remotely called by the application during its execution. User defined client extension libraries must be placed in the appropriate directory on the server to be sent to the client as part of the automatic client update. Those libraries, if modified, will be also updated on the client stations even if the server version has not changed and the standard part of the client software does not require an update.