Serwer terminali Winflector - alternatywa dla aplikacji Zdalny Pulpit, Citrix XenApp

Remote access to Windows applications
WinflectorWinflector terminal service

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We offer one of the best virtualization software available on the market – Winflector. It allows easy, fast and effective applications sharing over a network, without excessive consumption of computing and network resources. One central application server, on which the programs are executed, gives easy remote access to selected apps through lightweight client available for Linux and Windows. If you are looking for an alternative for Remote Desktop Services (Windows Terminal Services), Citrix XenApp, VNC etc. – Winflector, one of the best low-cost and efficient virtualization software, is for you.


A new version of our Winflector Software is ready to download. The version introduces the possibility of transferring files between the client (also web client) and the server triggered by a keyboard shortcut.
A new version of Winflector software has been released. It includes extended security and easier configuration of two-factor authentication.