Serwer terminali Winflector - alternatywa dla aplikacji Zdalny Pulpit, Citrix XenApp

Instalation of Windows client step-by-step

There are 2 ways for installing the Winflector client on a Windows client device.

1. Full installation from a separate, Windows client only installer. The installer allows a user to choose installation parameters, including the installation directory. Once installed it works with all server versions. Please see the installation of client version 3.1.

2. Minimal client installation with usage of a Web browser. This requires that Winflector server is installed and running (please see server installation step-by-step). The installer will not ask about installation parameters and will be installed in user application data directory (userappdata, most frequently: 'C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Winflector client').

Run previously shared application from the remote computer:

The application works like it was installed locally, while it is executed on the server and only a screen is displayed on the client computer.


If the Web browser supports ActiveX then it is possible to run the application directly in the browser window: