Serwer terminali Winflector - alternatywa dla aplikacji Zdalny Pulpit, Citrix XenApp


Secure user authentication

Users can be authenticated using Windows security or via Winflector server accounts. Windows authentication provides better control over application access privileges. Using Winflector users accounts allows for logon of the users who have no Windows domain or local accounts created. Winflector security provides a way to enforce strong passwords and blocking of accounts after several failed login attempts.

Transmission encryption

All data exchanged between the Winflector client and server can be encrypted. There are two encryption algorithms available:

  • AES with 128 or 256-bit key,
  • 3DES with 192-bit key.

Only selected applications are shared

Remote users can execute only applications that have been selected by server administrator as shared/allowed. This ensures the user acces to server configuration is restricted to that allowed by shared applications. In business environment it is preferable over the full desktop access which gives the user much more possibilities to interfere with server configuration and operation.