Serwer terminali Winflector - alternatywa dla aplikacji Zdalny Pulpit, Citrix XenApp

How Winflector works

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Select applications Configure access Use the applications
Select applications (remote apps) that are to be shared. Install and configure the applications on the central server.

Install Winflector on the server, define the users and the applications to be shared.

Install Winflector client on a remote device. Execute the shared application from anywhere.

Which applications can be shared using Winflector?

Winflector can be used to share any 32/64-bit Windows application approved by the administrator for sharing. Among others the Microsoft Word, Excel,, Adobe Acrobat Reader and many other applications, including business or sales management. Winflector server also enables remote execution of Windows console applications running in the text mode, such as the MySQL client.


Winflector is composed of two parts:

  • server – Windows application server installed on a central computer which also hosts the applications to be shared with remote users
  • client – launched on the user’s workstation, provides access to the selected application on demand


A standard Winflector installer will install both the client and the server program. The required installation type must be selected as the installer is started (see: step-by-step installation).


The user of the client station launches a small wfc.exe program which connects to the server and starts the selected application on the remote server. After entering the server address, login information and the application name the application window appears on the client display. The application can be run using the local display, keyboard and mouse and it can use local printers. See: step-by-step operation.