Serwer terminali Winflector - alternatywa dla aplikacji Zdalny Pulpit, Citrix XenApp

Winflector licensing rules

Winflector software ("SOFTWARE") is protected by copyright law and international treaties. OTC S.A. is entitled to grant licenses to use the SOFTWARE and accompanying documentation.

Winflector/Winflector Console Server is licensed for accessing device, which means computers able to access to applications. One accessing device can run unlimited number of applications and it takes only one server license. It is possible to install unlimited number of Winflector clients, only active users are counted.

Winflector Server allows to share any Windows application (inluding console applications).

Winflector Console Server allows to share any 32-bit application running in Windows Console.


Commercial license

Commercial license is designed for business customers who want to share applications for more than 2 concurrent users (devices), and for customers who need technical support. Commecial license can be purchased in our online store.

Free license

Two users free license is identical to commercial version and may be used in commercial environment as long as the two concurrent-users limit is preserved. This version is not time-limited. Technical support is not avilable - all problems with this software can be reported (via e-mail: or problem report form), but without guarantee that these problems will be solved.