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Linux client patch for Winflector version

On some linux systems there are problems with starting the client and launching remote applications.

It will be fixed permanently in the next released version.

However, for customers who use or version we have prepared a patch.



How to install:

On the Winflector server machine:

  • Turn off the Winflector server.
  • Run the wfpatch3971_3.exe
  • Point to the wfserver.exe  file of your Winflector server installation.
  • Wait until the patch installation is confirmed (it may take a while, so please be patient)
  • Start Winflector server.


IMPORTANT!! On the linux, Winflector client machine:

Uninstall/delete Winflector Client.

Please download the older version of linux Winflector client (it must be the older, because the new one has a bug)

Linux installer: 32-bit Client for Linux (
Linux installer: 64-bit Client for Linux (

Now please install that version and run.

You should be able to launch remote applications now.


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