Serwer terminali Winflector - alternatywa dla aplikacji Zdalny Pulpit, Citrix XenApp

Online store policy

  1. The online store is owned exclucively by:

    OTC Spółka Akcyjna,
    ul. Chełmońskiego 248, 31-348 Kraków

    registered by Sąd Rejonowy dla Krakowa-Śródmieścia,
    XI Wydział Gospodarczy, KRS 0000102780, NIP 677-10-12-524
    Capital stock 500 000,00 zł

    The online store at will be henceforth called the store.

  2. Placing of an order at the online store implies user’s knowledge and acceptance of the online store policy.
  3. The store sells computer software in Poland and abroad fulfilling personal and corporate orders placed by individuals of legal age and corporate legal persons.
  4. The user placing an order must fill the order form with correct and actual information.
  5. The store has the right to verify every order. An order can be cancelled if justified doubts arise regarding its legitimacy.
  6. All prices presented in the store are net. Value added tax (VAT) will be added to all sales in Poland. The store reserves the right to change product prices without prior notice. This does not apply to prices for accepted orders.
  7. The store reserve the right to withdraw selected products from the offer without prior notice.
  8. The store sells software in electronic download and boxed versions
    1. Default sales mode is the electronic software download. After the store has verified the transaction payment the buyer receives a personalized link to download the purchased software from the store server. Furthermore, the buyer is entitled to download the purchased software and any available downloads covered by the update contract after logging into his profile on the store server.
    2. If the boxed version of the software is purchased, the buyer will receive both the electronic download instructions and the boxed media version which will be sent to the requested address.
  9. For purchases made with the “boxed version, printed documentation, shipping” option a flat fee is added to the transaction to cover the costs of printed documentation and shipping. The fee amount is presented in the current price list and in the order form.
  10. The store does not bear responsibility for untimely delivery of shipments by the Poczta Polska mail service or courier companies.
  11. For every transaction the VAT invoice is issued. Invoice and license are available for download in your purchase history.
  12. The buyer can choose the delivery and payment methods according to the selection made in the order form.
  13. Following payment methods are available for payments in USD or EUR:
    1. Credit card VISA, MASTERCARD or AmericanExpress using the eCard servis.

      Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress

    2. PayPal payment.


    3. Deffered payment - this option can be available for our business partners.


  14. The credit/charge card and bank transfer authorization system of eCard S.A. offers the online store customers the highest security level.
    1. High security of online credit card transactions is ensured by using certified encryption methods – 3D Secure (Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode), SSL 128 bit (Secure Sockets Layer).
    2. The system ensures high security also since the credit/charge card number is not transferred to the online store and is not stored anywhere. The customer is assured that the only parties to know his credit/charge card number is his bank and himself.
    3. The bank transfer transaction security is ensured by the use of 128 bit SSL protocol, as well as customer identification procedures at his bank (login, password, one-time passwords). To initiate the bank transfer the customer logs in directly to his bank account. His profile information is known to his bank only.
  15. The order processing time is 2 (two) to 7 (seven) days from the moment the payment is received or a deferred payment order is accepted.
  16. The store is not responsible for being unable to process an order due to circumstances beyond our control. If an order cannot be processed the store will notify the buyer via e-mail.
  17. Merchandise, software returns /applies to individual buyers only/:
    1. In accordance with the law in effect a customer who made a purchase / entered a buyers agreement outside of the business premises has the right to withdraw from it not later than 10 days from the transaction time. The store must be notified of the return via e-mail or by a registered letter.
    2. A merchandise, software return is permitted only if the product has not been downloaded, destroyed, copied or used in any way and its original packaging is intact.
  18. In case of a software purchase the start of use time is determined as:
    1. the time the seal is opened in case of a boxed version
    2. the time of the software download from the store website
  19. In cases described in point 18., the returns should be sent to the store address. The store will refund the price of the product. The shipping costs and other transaction costs will not be refunded. The buyer pays for the return shipping of the product.
  20. Since the electronic download of the software from the online store server is tantamount to the start of use of the product we highly recommend to take advantage of the fully functional free version of the product or its demo to test the operation of the software and learn about its licensing before making the purchase.

    Licensing and guaranty terms for the software are available here:

    - licensing and guaranty for Winflector software >>

    - licensing and quaranty for Winflector Console software >>

    Returns of software that has been used will not be accepted.

  21. Any matters not provided for herein shall be governed by the pertinent provisions of the Civil Code.
  22. By placing an order the buyer consents to the storing and processing of his personal information for the purpose of carrying out the order in accordance with the regulation for the protection of personal information. The buyer has the right to view and modify this information.
  23. The store reserves the right to change the present online store policy without prior notice.