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Winflector Client for Android

Effective Date: March 14, 2017.

  1. Winflector Client for Android can be used to run and use remotely applications for MS Windows. This privacy policy applies exclusively to the Winflector Client for Android application, not the remotely running applications or MS Windows operating system itself.
  2. Winflector Client for Android stores the login name and optionally—if the user selects that option—the password for each remote server locally in a secure place.
  3. Login credentials are stored until the user selects an option to edit them or deletes all data related to the specific server from the application.
  4. Login credentials can be also—if the user selects that option—placed in a shortcut file on a desktop of the device launching a remote application directly. In that case editing or removal of the remote server data from the application do not cause its removal from the shortcut file. The data in the shortcut file is encrypted.
  5. Login credentials sent to server over network are always encrypted with RSA algorithm. Besides this, they are never shared with anyone.
  6. All data communication between the client and the server can be encrypted if that option is selected on the server.
  7. Winflector Client for Android reads the IP address of the user's device and shares it with the server. This IP address can be displayed in a connection monitor in the Winflector Server.
  8. IP address of the device, user's login name, the name of the remotely launched application, time of its launching and termination are logged by the Winflector Server.
  9. Winflector Client for Android creates a generally accessible and unencrypted log file where it logs:
  • each successful launch of a remote application,
  • each unexpected error which also causes a proper message box to be displayed on the screen.
The aim of this file is the error diagnostics. However, this file is never automatically exported from the user's device.
  1. Winflector Client for Android uses the following sensitive system permissions:

    Read the phone state

    Winflector Client for Android features an option to close the remote application automatically if the user stops using it and moves to another activity or blanks the screen of the device without closing he application properly. Also it features another option which prevents the automatic close if the user stops using Winflector Client because of the phone call. Winflector Client for Android must be able to read the phone state to detect a phone call being in progress. Besides that Winflector Client for Android does not read or log any other information related to phone calls.

    Read and write the external storage

    Winflector Client for Android uses the external storage exclusively to log its work for error diagnostics purposes:
  • create and write the log file,
  • check the size of the log file,
  • create backup copies of the log file,
  • remove the old backup copies if their size is too large.
Besides that Winflector Client for Android does not perform any operations on the storage of the device.


  1. If a remotely running MS Windows application reads the contents of the COMPUTERNAME environment variable and the server administrator decides that this contents must be generated on the client device then in order to generate the unique computer name Winflector Client for Android may use one of the following data in the following order: unique ID of the Android device, IMEI number of the device, serial number of the SIM card, and share it with the remotely running MS Windows application. Besides that no other data of the device is read or shared.
  2. This privacy policy may be changed in the future. All changes to this privacy policy will be published on this page.