Serwer terminali Winflector - alternatywa dla aplikacji Zdalny Pulpit, Citrix XenApp

Winflector Universal Printer

With version Winflector printing capabilities have been enhanced by introducing Winflector
virtual printer driver.


"Winflector Printer" is installed on the server during Winflector setup process. There is no need to install the driver on the client. Printing is made through the client network connection, so no need to configure any new connections for printing.

Using mapped printers

If printer mapping is turned on, each application running under Winflector will see additional printers mapped from the client machine and special printer called "Winflector Printer". Each mapped printer will have @WFC.PID postfix appended to its original name as seen on the client. @WFC means this is "virtual" Winflector-mapped printer, PID stands for process ID and is required to distinguish same-named printers within different processes/users.

"Winflector Printer" always maps to default client printer, even if you don't select "Set terminal default printer on server" option in client configuration.

Other "@WFC" printers are mapped to the same-named client printers. If "Set terminal default printer on server" client option is turned on, the same-named server printer becomes the default printer for the process.

Regardless of whether you choose "Winflector Printer" or any of the @WFC.PID postfixed printers printing is made via virtual Winflector Printer driver and is send to the appropriate client printer through the client network connection.


Virtual Winflector Printer driver supports printing via EMF files and bitmaps.

EMF printing (the default) creates printout in Window Enhanced Metafile format, transfers printout pages to the client and prints the EMF file on the selected printer. EMF printing is preferable over bitmap printing. Usually printouts are smaller and contain full color information. However, the results depend on the fonts availability on the client and may slightly differ from original (server) printouts if exactly same fonts are not available.

Bitmap printing is available in 2, 16 and 256 colors. Rendering is made via printer driver, so it gives you 100% server printout compatibility but may lose some color information. Printing in 2 colors (the default for bitmap printing) gives a good printout results with low memory and transfer overhead. Driver emulates colors using dithering. All bitmaps are transferred via network in lossless compression format, so the transfer overhead compared to EMF files is not very large.

Printer Properties

Most of the applications allow user to access printer document properties. Document properties for Winflector-mapped printers contain various options that depend on the original client printer capabilities. Advanced button gives you access to special "Winflector Printer" properties. Winflector properties include selecting EMF or bitmap printing mode, bitmap color resolution and dithering options for bitmap printing.