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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Winflector - general

Expand..Which applications can be shared using Winflector?

Any 32/64-bit Windows application, including console applications can be shared using Winflector server. Applications designated for sharing must be registered on the server. Once registered they will be accessible to any authorized user for remote execution from the client station.

Expand..Does the application code need to be modified?

No – applications shared by Winflector server do not require any modification. Each application which is available as an executable program can be shared.

The application code can be modified, if necessary, for instance to transfer some operations onto the client workstation. A typical example is the handling of a fiscal printer.

Expand..What are the parts of Winflector software?

The Winflector package consists of three parts:

  • Winflector server – used to start and supervise applications.
  • Winflector client – a small program which connects to the server and transmits information on what application is to be executed.
  • Optional programming tools to be used in the application for advanced communication between the application and the client.

Expand..What are the benefits of sharing applications using Winflector?

Most important benefits include:

  • centralized processing
  • better application access (from any place in the network)
  • significantly lower costs of application sharing and centralized system administration
  • minimum system requirements for client workstations
  • small network traffic between the application and the terminal – efficient execution over wide area network
  • better work quality without any modification of the application code
  • increased data security in a centralized system

Expand..What operating system is required to run Winflector?

Winflector server works on Windows: 19/16/2012/10/8.1/8/2008/7/Vista.

Winflector client works on Windows: 19/16/2012/10/8.1/8/2008/7/Vista/2003/XP/2000, on Linux, Android, Mac OSX and HTML5 browser.

Expand..Does Winflector allow to share console (text) applications?

Yes, Winflector also allows console application sharing - read more. An inexpensive Winflector Console program can be used to share console applications if no graphic applications are to be used.

Expand..Can I test my application for more than two users?

Yes. We will provide a time limited trial version of the Winflector software for the requested number of users for testing. Please contact us via email ( or using the contact form.

Expand..How to check Winflector version and where to find diagnostic information?

Winflector server version can be read on the server (wfserver.exe) from the 'About Winflector' window (right mouse button click on the window frame), see the 'Product version' field.

The currently installed client version can be read in the client installation – the gte directory contains gtexxxx subdirectories, where xxxx is the version number. The Winflector client (wfc.exe) connecting to the server will start the appropriate version of the software. If such a version has not been installed it will be downloaded from the server.

Diagnostic information from the server is saved to trmactiv.log, trmexcpt.log, trmlogin.log and tapplog.txt files in the applogs subdirectory of the server installation.

Diagnostic information from the client is saved in the tcllog.txt file in the logs subdirectory of the client installation.

Expand..How to get technical support?

Technical support for commercial users is available via e-mail (

Technical support for free version users is not guaranteed, nevertheless, if you encounter a problem we kindly ask you to report it. Technical problems can be reported using the report problem form or (after registering) on the users forum (Technical support).

When reporting a problem we kindly ask you to provide the following information:

  • name and version of the software, license number
  • server and client operating system (exact version including patches)
  • a detailed error description, frequency of its occurrence, information if the error can be reproduced
  • can the application which caused the problem be made available for testing in our laboratory

Expand..How does the automatic client update work?

Automatic client update takes place when the client connects to the Winflector server. If required, a new version of the client software is downloaded from the server. In this manner, it is sufficient to install new software on the server computer, no manual software update needs to be done on the client stations. The update process runs as follows:

  • Winflector client wfc.exe program executes the most recent version of the vtm.exe program which is available on the client to connect to the server.
  • The server sends data which identifies the client software that will work together with the current server version.
  • The identification data is compared to that of the software on the client workstation. If the identification agrees, the update procedure at this time is over.
  • If the identification data sent from the server is different from that of the client, the new client software is downloaded from the server to the client computer and saved in the proper directory. After a successful update the proper version of the client software is started. The whole process runs transparently to the user.

The automatic update procedure works for both more recent and older versions. If a client station has Winflector 3.5 software it can download and update the client 3.0 as well as the client 4.0 version.

Automatic client update method can be used to distribute additional user files to client stations – more information about this feature can be found in the documentation.

Expand..Does Winflector work on 64-bit servers?

Yes, Winflector server can be installed and used on computers running 64-bit Windows system. Since version 3.1 it also supports running of the 64-bit applications.

Expand..What is the origin of the Winflector name?

Winflector means "Windows reflector", as it is a software for delivering of reflections or images of application windows over a network.

Expand..Why does Winflector version number start with

Development of Winflector software and its testing (also at users sites) took several years. In the meantime the version designator grew to that number.

Expand..Does Winflector require RDP protocol?

Winflector does not use the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) for communication. Instead of using RDP it uses an especially designed, highly efficient network communication protocol.

Expand..Does Winflector use the Windows Terminal Services (TM) (WTS) or Citrix?

Winflector does not use the Windows Terminal Services (TM) nor the Citrix products. Neither does it use the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Expand..Does the free two user version of Winflector have any limitations?

2-users Winflector server is a full version of the software without expiry time. It has some fuctional limitations:

  • no new users can be added
  • does not work as a farm server
  • no possibility to change the starting page for HTTP server
  • no possibility to disable Winflector version footer on built-in pages of the HTTP server
  • no possibility to enable and use MAC filters
  • no possibility to enable additional SSL security in HTML5 clients
  • no Remote Desktop feature
  • the technical support is not guaranteed.

Rozwiń..What to configure to work over the Internet

To allow a workstation connected to the Internet  (Winflector client) to work with Winflector server installed on a computer in a local network and having a private IP address in this network one need:

  • on the router having a public IP address redirect the TCP port 6601 to the port 6601 and IP address of the computer with Winflector server,
  • on the workstation (client) set the public addres of the router as a Winflector server address.

It is shown on a figure below:

In the above configuration you specify and port 6601 (default) as a Winflector address.

If for some reason the redirection of the port 6601 on the router is not possible, you can redirect another port router (e.g. 6602) to the port 6601 of Winflector server, but then on the client workstation, change the default port number (6601), to the port number redirected on the router (e.g. 6602).

Below: the configuration with 2 Winflector servers.

Expand..Problem - tittle bar or scrollbars are not visible

Themes service is not running. First - run Themes service (if possible change start mode to automatic). Second - choose the appropriate color schema, the best is "Windows Basic". Details on turning on Themes are available in readme.txt.

Expand..How to configure authentication with Windows/Active Directory?

Detailed information about authentication with Windows/AD is available on this page.

Expand..How to run Themes?

Detailed information about installing and running Themes is available on this page.

Rozwiń..What to do with error 53?

If you encounter error 53 (Cannot create application desktop) please modify SessionViewSize and SharedSection parameters as described here.

Rozwiń..Winflector server unexpectedly disappears.

If the server is launched automatically during logon and after few days disappears and must be restarted, you should check and edit autostart task in Windows Task Scheduler.

  • Click the lower-left Start button or press Windows key on your keyboard.
  • Enter 'schedule' in the empty box.
  • Click Task Scheduler from the results using right mouse button and select 'Run as administrator'.
  • Click "Task Scheduler library" on the left side of the Scheduler window and find 'WFServerAutoStart' task on the list.
  • Click the task name with right mouse button and select 'Properties'.
  • Find and click 'Settings' tab in the Properties window.
  • Find 'Stop the task if it runs longer than:' and UNCHECK it if checked.
  • Click OK and close Task Scheduler.

From version this option is disabled by default when adding Winflector to autostart.
After version update, please turn off and then turn on again autostart option in Winflector settings.
Starting from version you may enable supervisor process in the server settings.
The process monitors Winflector server and restarts it if necessary.

Winflector - licensing

Expand..What are the licensing rules for Winflector?

Winflector licensing is „per concurrent device” in a manner which is favorable for users: one license is required for one active client computer. Furthermore, each client computer can run an unlimited number of applications under one Winflector server license. Winflector client program can be installed on any number of client workstations, only those who currently run applications use the “concurrent license” from the server.

The free server version is licensed for two concurrent client workstations.

Expand..Can I move my Winflector server to a new computer?

Yes, provided that the old installation is switched off. After installing Winflector server on the new computer please make an activation with the received key number. In case of problems please contact our support team.

Expand..Can the free two user version of Winflector be used commercially?

Yes, the free version can be used for commercial applications. It is a full version of the software without an expiry time. The free version has some fuctional limitations:

  • no new users can be added
  • does not work as a farm server
  • no possibility to change the starting page for HTTP server
  • no possibility to disable Winflector version footer on built-in pages of the HTTP server
  • no possibility to enable and use MAC filters
  • no possibility to enable additional SSL security in HTML5 clients
  • no Remote Desktop feature
  • the technical support is not guaranteed

Expand..Is it possible to add a commercial license to a free Winflector license?

Licenses types cannot be mixed.

Winflector - site and online store

Rozwiń..Why register in Winflector service?

The registered and logged-in user have the following possibilities:

  • quickly order new Winflector servers
  • order version or license upgrades for purchased Winflector servers
  • browse the purchase history, check order status, download installers and other files
  • retry payments
  • post messages to our forum
  • receive technical info about the purchased software via e-mail
User registration data is not shared with any other person or business.

Expand..Which payment methods are accepted in the online store?

The online store ( accepts credit/charge card and PayPal payments. Business partners may also have other payment methods available.

Expand..When will I get the ordered software?

After receiving your payment the ordered software will be available for download from Winflector site within 3 working days. Information that the software is ready for download will be sent to the customer e-mail address.

Rozwiń..How to order a new version or add users?

For each bought server one can order a new version or add users. It requires some steps:

  1. Log in using the account previously used for the first purchase.
  2. Click on the 'Purchase history' link under the main menu.
  3. Choose the server you wish to upgrade, click 'Modify' link.
  4. Choose the new version - free upgrades are marked with an asterisk (*).
  5. (Optional) - In 'Additional users' field enter the number of additional users. For example, if the intial purchase is for 5 users and the target number of users is 7, enter 2.
  6. Press 'Purchase' button. If payment is required then proceed with payment, like during the initial purchase.

Rozwiń..How to install a free update without using the online store?

For the first year after purchasing the server, you can update the version for free. You don't have to go to the online store for this purpose.

  1. Click the icon in the upper left corner of the Winflector server window.
  2. Select "License and upgrades".
  3. At the top of the window you will see information until which month you have free updates.
  4. Go to and check the release date of the requested version.
Versions with a date older than or equal to your free update limit can be downloaded from and installed without any additional purchases from the online store.If you want to install a server whose release date exceeds the limit (point 3), then you must purchase this update in the online store.