Serwer terminali Winflector - alternatywa dla aplikacji Zdalny Pulpit, Citrix XenApp

Winflector - software prices

Winflector and Winflector Console software is licensed per concurent devices (workstations) - sessions connected to the server from the same workstation are treated as one user and take one license only. The license is perpetual. The version upgrade is free during the first year after the initial purchase. After this period it is paid.


Each software package of Winflector (Winflector Console) contains:

  • application server
  • client for Windows and Linux
  • user's manual (PDF version)
  • license


The final price is calculated independently for each ordered server.

All the prices shown below are in US dollars or EUR. Destination country VAT and custom taxes are not included. VAT will be charged only for individuals from EU teritory.


Winflector - base price for one device license:

65.00 USD

60.00 EUR

Winflector Console - base price for one device license:

55.00 USD

50.00 EUR


To calculate the final price of server package you should:

  • choose the appropriate base license price of „Winflector” or „Winflector Console”,
  • apply the discount from „Discount table” to calculate the single license price,
  • multiply the single license price by the number of licenses you need.


When calculating the final price please apply the following discount table.


Discount table

The volume discount depends on the number of purchased users.

Licenses Discount
1 - 6 0.00%
7 - 9 5.00%
10 - 19 10.00%
20 - 49 15.00%
50 - 99 20.00%
100 - 199 25.00%
above 200 32.00%


When buying addtional users to the existing server the discount is calculated for total number of users.


Upgrade subscription

When buying a new Winflector or Winflector Console server the customer has annual upgrade subscription for the bought product. The expiry date of this upgrade subscriptions is not extended when new users are added.

The upgrade subscription price for one year is 15% of the total server price, which gives 1.25% per month.

The server version change is free until valid upgrade subscription.

If you wish to change the product version after expiry of upgrade subscription then upgrade fee will be charged. This fee is calculated by the following formula:


1 user price x number of users x discount form the discount table x 1,25 % x number of months*


*number of months - means the number of months from the date of the subscription upgrade expiry by the end of the month of the requested version relase date.

Automatically, after such operation, the validity of the subscription upgrade for the server is extended to the end of the month in which the requested software version was released.

The version release dates are available on Version changes page.